I have a 13yr. old son that is overweight, we share the same
concerns of his weight problem. However, he is so picky about foods. He
will only eat deepfried things such as chicken, pizzarolls, etc. He
likes pork & beans, mac & cheese and spaghetti w/meat. This is his
diet outside of school. I don\’t know how to change his eating habits
as he refuses to try other obtions!!! Please any help would be
appreciated. Thank you.

Dear April,

You are not alone. Thank goodness our nation’s obesity problem is now receiving the attention and concern it merits. I am so relieved every time I get a letter like yours, because I know that once a parent seeks to solve this problem, my books can help.

Because of readers like you, I devoted a substantial part of my third book, "The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue," to low-calorie fare for kids (and adults) just like your son. I encourage you to explore these recipes. Start with those most similar to what he eats now, and then branch out a bit. Don’t expect immediate and complete success. You might also be thinking ahead to summer vacation, when he will be eating at home for most meals. Perhaps you can instill a few eating habit goals, with a healthy bribe: if he reaches his goals, the entire family takes a fun trip, etc.

April, I’d love to hear back from you.

Wishing you all the best,


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