Hi. I love the concept, but my son has severe peanut and
dairy allergies, and my daughter won’t eat meat.  Do you have any
ideas on which recipes might convert best to a vegan need?

Thanks, Mary

Hi Mary,

One of my brothers is vegan, so I’ve had many enjoyable, savory meals with him over the years. I consulted with him in the development of many of the vegetarian recipes you’ll find in each of my books, particularly in Book 3, To The Rescue. Each of the recipes is labeled with a "V" in a circle for vegetarian so you can spot them easily. He loves to use different grains to complement the entrée (quinoa, amaranth, and all sorts of different rice blends), which you might explore if your children like variety. But if that’s still out of reach for now, you can just stick with the recipe as it’s presented in the book and you’ll have a sure winner : )

Regarding the dairy and peanut allergies, you can simply substitute soy or rice milk, and chopped walnuts or almonds in most of the recipes.

Keep up the great work!

With healthiest regards,


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