Dear Sneaky Chef,
I am very interested in using your brilliant ideas in my kitchen. By
I am wondering,  you creates various low calorie recipes, but I have
an ‘underweight’ 2  and half years old child. So, is it still
suitable to use a low calorie recipe? I like the idea of sneaking the
vegetables in the food though.

Dear Yossi,

There are many ways of introducing more calories to your child’s diet while still enjoying the super-healthy recipes in my book. Many children respond well to small snacks throughout the day: a handful of nuts, rice cakes with nut butter or avocado topping, granola bars (I have a great recipe in my first book), yoghurt, etc.

You could let your child have a nutritiously enhanced snack such as my chocolate pudding with avocado, or "breakfast ice cream." Or you could supplement their diet with rich, yummy smoothies (many recipes in my books).

By exploring different snack options, you’ll also pick up on what their palate is craving, and be able to strike off in a whole new culinary direction: perhaps she likes crunchy textures, or leans to savory dishes as opposed to sweet ones. I know you’ll enjoy this discovery phase, and I am confident that you’ll be off to fantastic start with the many recipes to choose from in my books!

With healthiest regards,


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