From: Melissa
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 8:16 AM

    Well I got everything pureed and ready to go and we had a first supper lastnight and went well.  I did the pizza bagels and the homemade corn chips with nacho dip and no one noticed or complained.  I already made the choc. milk up for breakfast and tried it before my son got up and and you can’t even tell the chery juice is in there.  WELL DONE!!!!  My son really needs this as he east no fruits or vegetables!!!
    I have 3 quick ?’s for you.  First as far as the cherry juice I know we’ll use it a lot b/c he loves choc. milk, but instead of making it Juicy Juice has a cherry juice would that be the same thing??
    Second I have a homemade bread recipe we like it calls for 2c. white flour and 3/1/2 c. whole wheat flour, can I use 5/1/2 c. of the flour blend instead???  Also what are the benifits of the flour blend??
    Thanks so much, as I know we’ll use these recipes everyday, not only is my 4 yr. old picky my brother in law who helps us farm is also and he don’t eat and fruits or vegs. either so I’m helping 2 people and they don’t even know it 🙂 🙂  AWSOME WORK!!!  Melissa

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