Sneaky Chef Healthy Bake Sale

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Recipe adapted from The Speedy Sneaky Chef
Bake sales are not only an important fundraising tradition, they are a really fun (and delicious way to bring everyone together. But recent concerns about childhood obesity and kids eating too much fat and sugar have caused schools nationwide to clamp down on cupcakes and ban bake sales. You can help save the cupcake by giving bake sales a better reputation. Let your school "have its cupcake and eat it, too" - so long as it builds stronger bodies!

With Sneaky Chef methods of hiding healthy foods in kids' favorite meals, you can make healthy recipes for cupcakes, gluten free cookies, my famous Brainy Brownies from The Today Show and more!
SC3_Choco Chip Cookies WEB 00198rt.jpgDon't be afraid to tell the kids what's hiding in thier foods, studies show kids don't mind if you put vegetables in their cake!

How to do it:

  • Approach the school's PTSA with the idea of an entirely Sneaky Chef bake sale
  • Encourage parents to bake Sneaky Chef recipes (Brainy Brownies, Unbelievable Chocolate Chip Cookies, Santa's Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Donuts, and Quick Fixes for Yellow and Chocolate Cake Mix are especially ideal)
  • Help promote the event with parents, faculty, and local press as an innovative healthier approach that both kids and parents will love
  • Get kids in on the action. Ask them to "take the Sneaky Chef Challenge" and try to guess the fruit or veggie in their favorite baked good. Any time you make something into a game, kids get interested very fast.

Read for yourself an example of the fabulous experience that many parents have when they do a Sneaky Chef bakesale instead of the usual:

"Dear Missy,

I'm so grateful for your help with our school bake sale. Prior to your arrival on the scene, our elementary school had been compelled to virtually eliminate our traditional fund raising bake sale.

Parents and administrators just couldn't condone the sale of sugary baked goods to our kids, even if it would generate funds for projects that would otherwise benefit them. With their children's weight and health at stake, the bake sale could no longer be justified as an acceptable means to an end.

Then the Sneaky Chef came to town! We are now able to have the best of both worlds. Your recipes have saved our fund raiser without sacrificing the health of our kids.

Using bake sales as fundraisers is a vital element of any school system, and now the administration feels that we are being consistent with our wellness message. We are doing something to address the rising rates of obesity, and to counter the perpetuation of junk food.

Our thinking has changed, and spearheading it all was The Sneaky Chef Bake Sale. On the day of the sale, we presented ingredients for each recipe, showing whole grains, fruits and veggies, as well as the lower calories and fat - all in an attractive goody that the kids accepted as normal.

We had a puree party two weeks before the sale so that participating moms could have the purees on hand for when they were ready to bake. The party was incredibly productive and fun. We all left with a dozen baggies of purees to put into our assigned baked goods for the day of the sale.

Then we all went off and baked our goodies. Everyone told me that their recipes were incredibly easy to follow and turned out great.

When the actual day of the bake sale came, the kids were allowed to buy two items each. The proceeds went towards the Main Street School Library Makeover Fund, which is a fantastic cause. Everything looked totally 'normal' and kid friendly. All the parents were debating whether to let the kids in on the secret, but many of the kids already knew, since they had helped their parents make the items, and they were fine with it. Everything sold like hotcakes and was gobbled up in no time.

We played a game to try to guess what was in each item. The kids had a great time with this and loved the fact that they could have their cake and eat it, too! It was a huge success. I highly recommend a Sneaky Bake Sale to every PTSA around the country that wants to make their bake sales healthier. As you said, Missy, why ban the cupcake when you can just make it better?

Can you please give us some more bake sale recipes, like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, birthday cake, and especially quick fixes to packaged goods. Thank you for saving the cupcake!"

 Denise C., Irvington, NY (mother of 1)

Enjoy in good health!



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