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Hi, rather than ask a question, I just wanted to say Thank you!! I LOVE your Red Sauce and so does my 20 month old!! I was having a really hard time getting her to try new foods and eat fruits and vegetables. I came across your sauce in the grocery store and I figured I would give it a try. My 20 month old (Emily) absolutely loves it and cant get enough! I feel so much better about giving her this sauce then a regular just tomato sauce. Both her and my husband had no idea vegetables were in it! Great idea and thank you!


As a no-nut family we have tried many a nut-free butter. This my friends…is our favorite…It is creamy, spreadable and cooks up great!…Every once in a while a product comes along that is truly worthy, we’ve had a few of those lately and this is surely one of them. This jar was SO good that I practically shed tears when it was empty! So did my kids! It has now become a staple for my household.

Vegetarian Mama on Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter

This was the best my family has eaten a meal in a LONG time. Seriously, everybody (husband, kids, me) cleaned their plates. I even heard several ‘delicious’ descriptions happening at my dinner table. The kids were honestly ooh-ing and ah-ing. My husband and I couldn’t believe how well they ate! That was pretty awesome!

Vegetarian Mama on Sneaky Chef Smooth Red Pasta Sauce

I’ve been a fan for years & you have helped me tremendously. My son is autistic & so very picky about food that it has been quite the struggle. Since I’ve known about you, he has been getting his fruits & veggies for years. He’s now 16 years old. Love your products. I use the N0-Nut Peanut Butter & the plain red tomato sauce. He enjoys it plus lots of your recipes. Thank you for helping keep my child alive and well.


Hi! My 10 yr. old daughter (allergic to pn/tn, dairy, and eggs) LOVES your no nut butter! I was tickled pink when I discovered it at our local Target this summer, and it is Erin’s favorite. Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it : )! Thank you!


First of all I wanted to tell you that I received a sample of your no nut butter from my Tasterie subscription and the stuff is absolutely amazing. I have a little boy that lives on PB & J and was devastated to learn that the school I teach in and he attends, of over 500 students, is going nut free for one little boy. I was in a panic to find some alternative to peanut butter for his school lunches when this lunch saving sample arrived.


We just got our no-nut butter. My child that HATES peas, loves it!! It really is amazing. The texture is so much like peanut-butter and there’s no aftertaste like soy butter. You’ve got a great product!!


I had this over the summer in CT, a person in the family is completely allergic to ALL nuts. This was a HUGE hit with all children and adults. It was just GREAT!


With that much vegetable power in it, I did not tell my kids The Sneaky secrets. Much to our surprise, the sauce was smooth and tasty. My kids enjoyed it and I enjoyed knowing they were getting extra veggies in for the day!

Hope’s Kitchen on Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauces

I think that this is a good way to introduce picky eaters to more vegetables. I would give kids this sauce and let them know that the vegetables are in it afterward. I would tell them that they do like vegetables and start introducing some of these vegetables in their diet, especially carrots and sweet potatoes which are sweet and milder than some vegetables.

The Nutritionist Reviews on Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauces

I think you are awesome! I have used your cookbook in the past but the sneaky chef butter takes the cake (no pun intended). My 12 year old is on the autism spectrum and has celiac disease. The sneaky butter is allowed in school and he takes it for lunch on gf crackers. He really likes it and it gives him a good amount of calories as he is underweight. Thanks again!


I just bought your no-nut butter and I’m so grateful! Finally, a peanut butter substitute that lives up to the promise on the label. I can’t believe it tastes like peanut butter.
My children all have nut allergies so I’m always looking for easy lunch ideas or alternatives when I’m cooking and baking. My 4yo twins and toddler love it. And just FYI, I found your product at Target.


The Sneaky Chef also makes no-nut butter which is peanut, tree nut and soy free. Although nut butters are very healthy, they are often banned from schools due to a high number of kids having a peanut allergy. This no-nut butter really does taste a lot like peanut butter. I think that on a sandwich with jam, you would not be able to tell the difference. It is made from golden peas and can be used in place of any recipe that calls for peanut butter.

The Nutritionist Reviews on Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter

Parents of children with peanut allergies will rejoice over no-nut butter, which has the look and consistency of peanut butter, but is made from golden peas.”

As it was in the beginning…your recipes are nourishing my 92 year old mother who dislikes anything green but gobbles up the maxed out meatloaf. She has no idea she is eating broccoli and spinach. Please give thought to applying your philosophy and talents to the aged. It is a shared joy to know that we are providing for those we love no matter what the age.


Hello creator of no-nut butter! Thank you from the bottom of my heart/gut for creating a peanut free butter in a bpa free container at an awesome price. I am allergic to nuts and have tried every seed butter substitute on the market but nothing comes close to satisfying that 1 of a kind peanut craving. Sometimes I would binge eat peanut butter & become ill, but your no-nut butter offers a safe alternative that’s actually satiating. Bless you!!!!


Holy cow! This stuff is AMAZING. I actually like it better than peanut butter, no lie. I have Diverticular Disease, so this is an amazing find. Thank you.


I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I’ve recently just returned from Pennsylvania after working in a summer camp there. The camp was completely nut free, so this is where the no-nut butter comes in. I basically lived off your no nut butter every day, I’d literally eat from the jar with a spoon. But now that I’m home, I miss it an extreme amount!


Hi Sneaky! I’ve been using your method for years. While I hear other moms complaining about the hours of crying at the dinner table, I’ve been eating meals in peace by sneaking veggies & fruits into our meals. After they lick their plates, I ask “Can you guess what nutritious ingredient was in that??” It’s been wonderful. So, thank you for that. Thanks!


I was impressed with the innovative No-Nut Butter…made from golden peas. The texture reminded me of a Jiff-style peanut butter, and the flavor was nutty and pleasing, both my sister and I really liked it. It baked very well into all baked goods too!…. The Smooth Red Pasta was a HUGE hit with everyone. I especially loved the ingredients list…ALL VEGGIES, and LOTS of them!

Tessa the Domestic Diva

I just really wanted to compliment you on the no nut butter brand. Your no nut butter is always delicious and reliably nutritious. I feel like I buy a jar every time I’m at target because I just can’t get enough!! Too often, companies only hear from unhappy customers- I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for putting such quality products on the shelves!


I believe that all those moms who think it’s a bad idea to sneak the veggies in without the kids knowing, don’t have picky eaters!!! I know this debate will go on, but I feel good about getting fruits and vegetables into my kids stomachs any way I can!