This past week my two daughters were at home on Spring Vacation. The weather wasn’t so great, so one day my husband Rick and I decided to take them on a picnic–right here in our living room. Talk about instant excitement! We spread out our picnic blanket and decked it with paper plates, Sneaky Chef favorites, and a bowl of crunchy carrots, celery and dip. Everyone clambered onto the now limited blanket space including Princess, our stout retriever. Before I knew it, my youngest had rocked on her back in a burst of giggles as "Prinny" persistently wriggled toward her plate of goodies. Then she rocked back up, and PLOP! one cute but way too dirty foot went straight into the bowl of baked beans! Only my daughter Sammy could end up with her foot in a bowl of baked beans : )

Food can be fun together, and eating can be one of the most relaxing things we do as a family. When I don’t have to worry about whether or not my daughters are getting their quota of nutrients, or nag my husband to eat smart, I’m free to focus more on just having fun. I encourage everyone to boost your family favorites the Sneaky Chef way. Or if you have a favorite I haven’t yet "sneakified" in my two books, let me know and I’ll get straight to work so that you can enjoy more at the table, too!

With healthiest regards,