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Weight Watchers Points

Sneaky Chef Breakfast Cookies -- Only 2 points on Weight Watchers!
In times like these I find myself turning again to the Weight Watchers point system, which has always delivered for me when I've needed it most. Keeping track of the points I'm eating is working well for me as I spend these months testing recipes for my second book, The Sneaky Chef for men....
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NY Daily News

Sandwich of the Week
Missy Chase Lapine picked a perfect time to release "The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (in the Kitchen)." Not only are marital woes still top of mind in this town, but the book hits shelves on April Fool's, to boot. But with Lapine, the trickery is all well-intentioned: If her first cookbook focussd on fooling the kiddies with hidden healthful foods, this one's for grown men - especially those who need to stop growing. The book is full of ideas for dinners that'll actually please while they deceive, like this lower fat, nutrient-packed take on a Reuben sandwich...
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NY1 News

Easy Ways To Sneak Nutrients Into Your Kids' Snacks
With kids heading back to school, parents are looking for new ways to incorporate healthy snacks into their children's meals. The most important thing is to get fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into kids' favorite foods. NY1 Parenting Consultant Shelley Goldberg spoke with the Sneaky Chef author Missy Chase Lapine about some healthy snacks kids will run towards.
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San Marcos, TX - San Marcos Daily Record

Good Food Without a Fight
As author Missy Chase Lapine explains, we all have our cold spinach story. The hour-long standoff at the dining table, with the lumpy green helping in front of our faces, is always a gruesome battle between a parent's good intentions and a child's resistance to something that doesn't look so good.
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Parents can sneak veggies into kids' diet
Washington, D.C --- Parents who want their kids to consume fewer calories and eat more vegetables might find a healthy solution with “stealth vegetables.” A Penn State study shows that decreasing the calorie density of foods by adding vegetables and other lower-calorie ingredients leads to a reduction in children's calorie intake and an increase in vegetable consumption.
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Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine

Hide and Eat Recipes
Sneak more nutrition into your child's snacks and suppers...
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Bella Online's - Cooking for Kids

The Sneaky Chef, Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods In Kids' Favorite Meals by Missy Chase Lapine is the best cookbook for kids that I've seen. When I was asked to review this book the title alone intrigued me but it's not just the cute and catchy title that makes this book a must-have for those of us cooking for kids.
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'Eat your vegetables'

What can possibly make kids listen as that cry rings out from parents everywhere? Next to "I love you" and "Go to sleep," the three-word phrase most frequently uttered by parents must be "Eat your vegetables."
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The Today Show

Watch The Sneaky Chef on Today Show!
What's the secret? Chef Missy fills us in - Author of "The Sneaky Chef" tells us great 'green' recipes your kids will love...


The New York Times

You Are What You Grow
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Ready Set Mom

While I was climbing the StairMaster at the SWCC this morning and trying not to have a coronary, the Today Show brought on Missy Chase Lapine who has just published a cookbook called The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy... Cookbook offers sneaky tips for getting your kids to eat veggies


The Sneaky Chef Cookbook

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals is a cookbook full of recipes that that take kids' favorites (like macaroni and cheese) and sneaks in things like veggies. They supposedly won't notice ...


Parenting® Magazine

Sneak in Healthy Food
See the incredible four page feature article on the Sneaky Chef in the April issue of Parenting Magazine at:,19840,1595061,00.html


The Journal News (Gannett News Service)

Sneaking healthy food into kids' diets



How to Outsmart Your Picky Eater


Breakfast for Breakfast Haters


Sun Sentinel review

Want Kids to Eat Veggies? Be Sneaky.


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Cute article on the anatomy of a Twinkie®:

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