Mixed Berry Baby Kale Base Blend


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I usually use frozen berries, especially if they’re not in season. They’re cheaper than fresh, tend to have more antioxidants, and are easier to blend. Don’t worry about buying multiple bags and mixing them together; you can find bags of assorted berries already mixed in the freezer case. Note: This recipe calls for fresh baby kale, which I prefer, but if you have to use frozen, drop the amount called for to 1 ½ cups.

• Makes 2 cups •


6 cups baby kale, washed

4 cups frozen mixed berries

Filtered water



Place the kale in a high-powered blender and pulse a few times to reduce its volume. Give the berries a quick rinse in cold water just to thaw them slightly and add them to the blender along with 1 to 2 tablespoons of filtered  water and puree until smooth.

Nutrition facts (per 1⁄2 cup): 104 calories; 0 g fat; 26 mg sodium; 24 g carbs; 7 g fiber; 11 g sugar; 13 g protein

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