Dear Sneaky Chef
Every Morning as I am mixing my 4 1/2 year old son’s "Milk Shake" I think about you and send you a huge Thank You! My son is a very picky eater!! He hates protein in all forms! He Loved your chocolate chip cookies (with white beans) so based on your White Bean Puree  and other recipes I have created my own form of a Breakfast Milk Shake:

He has a dairy problem so we use Rice Ice Cream , 1/4 cup pureed bean mixture , 1/4 cup spinach juice, frozen blueberries, and either orange puree (1/4 cup or I juice 2 carrots- That combined with some rice / or Almond Milk some really good quality Cocoa, a drizzle of a no preservative Chocolate Syrup and some vanilla all blended together makes a wonderful tasting Chocolate Milksahake- (sometimes we even add avacado) I make some taste tests-
sometimes I add more cocoa for a more chocolate taste and sometimes a little agave if I think it needs to be a little sweeter.

I know I have you to thank! That is the most nutrient dense meal he has all day! BUT HE DRINKS 90- 95% of it so I figure we are doing pretty well- I am sure you will see all of your various ingredient combo"s and recipes I pulled from to create this–I cannot stress enough how important this is because my son is a very high functioning Aspergers Child- As I am sure you know Nutrition is one of the many important aspects of helping him.

So Thank You!! I share my shake recipe with many parents combined with the statement that they "Must get the  Sneaky Chef Books for more great ideas!!" By the way I just ordered Your Book #3 from Amazon and am very excited to get it! Thank You Again! We really Love Your Books!!! Melissa

Dear Melissa,

You are really doing fantastic with this : ) I love to hear success stories like this. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to me hear that things are working out so well nutritionally for your child : )  Real nutrition can help with so much.

Keep up the great work, and enjoy in good health,

With fondest regards,


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