Hi Missy,

I was wondering how long the purees are good til when left
in the freezer.  I found myself making many of the meals in the book
and then I stopped.  I want to start up again but I am not sure if I
need to throw it all out and start over.  I have them in sealed
tupperward 1/4 cup individual containers.  I think they have been in
there 6 mths.  What should I do?

Dear Corinne,

I’m glad to hear you’re thinking sneaky again! I can understand how you want to use the frozen purees you have in the freezer: they represent time, effort and money! And there they are, ready to give a healthy makeover to so many of your family’s favorite dishes!

Frozen fruits last 4 to 6 months, and veggies can go a bit longer–up to 8 months, assuming you’ve got them properly sealed in good containers. Check for any signs of freezer burn. Barring that, it sounds like you can make a big "bon voyage" meal using up your purees. Then whip up a new  batch and enjoy more adventures!

Healthiest regards,


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