I love both of your books- and I would love to share hint based on
your green juice- I 3x’s the recipe in a big soup pot
( Ioften include 3 cups of Swiss Chard or Kale)freeze the juice in
icecube trays that measure about 1TB1/2size cubes) I then put 2 green
juice cubes into my 3 1/2 year olds favorite watered down no sugar
added organic fruit juice – I often defrost the cubes in microwave
slighty and adjust how much I water down the juice based on how green
it may or may not taste but I figure based on your calculations he
gets about 1/2cupto3/4cup of green nutirents in his favorite daily
drink-My child is none the wiser! I often do this for myself as well !
Thank you for your wonderful books – We were already a very healthy
food conscious family but you have contributed some new great ideas
and recipes. –Melissa C.

Ask The Sneaky Chef