Just had to tell you that I’ve used your brownie recipes
(both doctoring the boxed mix, and from scratch) for my college
daughter’s care packages, and they’ve been devoured by her and her
friends, who she loved telling, after they ate them, about the hidden
ingredients.  Same thing with my 10th grader and 5th grader and their
friends!  I’ve made the brownies for their sports teams, college and
high school,  to eat before the game on a long bus-ride to an away
game, or after the game.  I’ve also devised  variations of an "Amish
Friendship Bread" recipe to include the purple  and white purees, and
your flour mix, and can’t keep anyone away from them!  My picky
11-year old son never ate a green vegetable in his post-baby food life
until he ate your brownies!  Thank you so much!  Being from Maryland,
crab cakes are our favorite dish, and I just found your recipe, can\’t
wait to try it as I just bought fresh crab meat!  I THANK YOU for
posting that recipe, I\’m sure it will be a hit.  I may just have to
bring that up to the next college lacrosse game tailgate….
Thanks again!

Dear Mara,

Let’s face it, finding good recipes and sharing them is one of Life’s pleasures! I’m so happy that sneak-enhanced brownies are spreading far and wide from your home base.

I’d love for you to share your Amish Bread recipe when we get a page up in the near future for the purpose of readers sharing and swapping their own sneaky creations.

You’ve won the Supportive Mom award! All the best to you and your athletes,


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