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Tea Time with the Sneaky Chef


I love the warmth and ritual of tea... I start each morning with a cup to ease into the day. And when the girls come home from school, we often have our own tea party complete with Sneaky Chef brownies to catch up on the day and take the edge off an afternoon slump. A cup after dinners curbs my craving for something sweet & sugary.

That's why I'm so excited to have found the Tuffy Tea Steeper. It simplifies making an individual cup of tea. I just place the tea steeper in a cup, spoon in some special tealeaves, pour in water and let it steep. No brown, messy tea bags. No stale tea taste. The Tuffy Tea Steeper is collapsible, making it ideal for travel, and it’s made of food grade silicone so it’s dishwasher safe (music to my ears).

The Tea Spots’ assortment of these three loose-leaf tea blends is my favorite. From the minute I open a can and take an aroma therapeutic whiff, I’m already benefitting from calming effects. They’re so fresh and fragrant!

My day starts with Boulder Blues, a blend of Japanese green tea with an infusion of wild strawberries and rhubarb. (I serve it chilled in summer garnished with a few strawberries.) When I stop and take a moment during stressful days, I brew myself a cup of Meditative Mind, a medley of Chinese white tea, rosebuds and jasmine pearls that soothes and calms. I like a cup of Red Rocks with red rooibos, vanilla & almonds after dinner. Since it’s caffeine-free it won’t keep me up at night, and even my girls can enjoy a cup. Try it with a little milk.

This collection of teas will get you through the day and will suit you and everyone else to a tea!

I'm excited to share this find with you! Be sure to follow me on OpenSky to get the inside scoop this Friday!

With healthiest regards,


Healthy Drinks


From: Brian J.

Dear Sneaky Chef,

So I am always on the look for new flavored drinks.  Are there any other sneaky drinks that you know of?  I should also mention that I am lactose intolerant.  I can take a dariy aid pill that contains the lactase enzyme so that I can digest the dairy in my foods or drinks. 

I am that forty something guy who has osteoporosis.  That means absolutely zero alcohol or carbonation in my drinks, since both of those things rob the body of calcium.  I am now seriously into good nutrition. 

Thanks, Brian

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