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Dallas Moms are Great!


One of the great perks of being the Sneaky Chef is meeting people who love food and fun as much as I do! I had a great time last week with a truly amazing group or women: Dallas' top mom bloggers. Thanks to Uncle Ben’s who brought us together, I got to connect with this bunch of passionate, energetic, fun-loving folk. We had plenty of laughs as we whipped up pizza rice balls, chocolate rice pudding, and lots more.

One of the bloggers posted this entertaining blog after the event:

“I am still toying around with the name of this post. I had to so much fun today that I just don’t know what title fits best. I met some old friends and some new friends today. It goes to show that in Texas, no one is a stranger. You would have sworn we were all family. Just check out our family photo:

uncle bens event dallas may 2010-300x225.jpg
“What could bring this quirky group together? FOOD! Today, myself and a few of my blogging buddies were blessed to be able to learn how to be sneak from Missy Lapine, The Sneaky Chef. Missy showed us how to become more diverse with our cooking and with Uncle Ben’s (WHITE) Whole Grain Rice. Now me being the child of the group, I didn’t want to try anything! The thought of veggies touching these lips was unheard of and quite frankly, not gonna happen. I figured I would make the suggested recipes and then feed them to my veggie eating crumb snatchers at home. My kids love veggies but me on the other hand, yeah not happening…

“Long story short, as Dr. Phil would say, this is the changing day in my life. I was convinced that one of the wonderful recipes was worth trying so I tried <> Sneaky Chef Pizza Rice Balls. Let me make this announcement now because it rarely ever happens but, I was wrong. Those little balls of rice renewed my faith in vegetables and made me wanna buy wheat germ! I am as picky as it gets and this dish tastes like a delicious pasta or spaghetti o’s to a kid. I had trouble saving some for my kids but I did and guess what, they no longer think that Missy Lapine should be brought up on charges of treason!”

Read another great blog Here (scroll down to May 13th)  

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