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7 Kid-Friendly Car Snacks


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Summer is the season of family travel, which usually means more time spent in the car. With little ones (and older ones too), moms and dads need to stock up on car snacks to avoid those all-too-familiar “I’m hungry!” complaints. 

I’ve picked out my 7 favorite kid-friendly car snacks for you to bring or buy on your next family car ride. They are non-perishable, so you don’t have to squeeze a cooler into cramped quarters. Best of all, they are healthy and wholesome, not loaded with sugars, additives, and fats. So take a few moments in the kitchen to sweeten up your next road trip, while avoiding sugar spikes on the turnpikes! 
1. Grab N Go Crispy Granola Bars: this bar does it all, with a boost of whole grains, fiber, and calcium. The optional dark chocolate chips aren’t so optional in our family! 
Granola Bars.jpg
 2. Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins-no one gets tired of this classic taste, with a Sneaky twist! I've amped up the health factor by choosing whole grains, natural peanut butter (or a nut-free substitute), all-fruit jam, and of course, lots of sweet veggies inside.PB&J muffins smaller.jpg 3. Sweet & crunchy chick peas (super popular "Rattle Snacks" from my first book): Rinse a can of chick peas, spread them on a baking sheet and bake at 400 for 30 minutes (till crunchy). Season to taste with cinnamon sugar or sea salt, chili powder, etc.chickpeas roasted.jpg 4. Crunchy Snap Peas and/or Green Peas in the Shell: you may be surprised to see how kids take to these friendly green guys, even if they turn up their noses at a dinner plate with cooked peas. Popping open pods to find the sweet peas inside is as much fun as eating them!
snap peas.jpg5. Drive thru options: if you run short on rations, consider drive thru snacks that won’t transform your kids into hyper hellions five miles later. Options include BK Apple Fries & milk, Starbucks fruity smoothies, and Subway subs topped with superfood guac.BK-AppleFries.jpg 6. Popcorn: here’s a great snack to make with your kids before loading up! Let them each flavor a bag of popcorn (you can control the health factor by putting the possible seasonings on the counter). Our present favorite? A light dusting of cocoa powder & sea salt.Popcorn_00004.jpg 7.  Power drink: don’t let your darlings dehydrate! Before hitting the road, load some of my “Super Sports Cubes” in their water bottles, and you’ll love what these ice cubes, made with fruit concentrates, deliver: antioxidants galore, without the sugar level of sports drinks or sodas.
ice cubes 4 berry smaller.jpg... MOST OF ALL, PLEASE DRIVE DEFENSIVELY & BE SAFE!!


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