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Overfill Muffins for a Great Edge



Thanks for all the great recipes. I'm enjoying trying to make them all!
My 2 yr old loves everything so far although for some strange reason
didn't like the ice cream (crazy kid huh?!). 

I just got the 2nd book and made the blueberry muffins. I was wondering
if I read the recipe incorrectly. They still came out fabulous but when
I put 1/4 cup in each muffin tin I had a lot of batter leftover and
made about 10 instead of 6. Should I have used 1/2 cup and the extra
large muffin tins or should I have filled them higher in the tins? They
did not rise much above the height I filled them to, so I may have been
able to put more in each.

Thanks and keep creating these great recipes,


Hi Stephanie, I always like to overfill muffin tins just a little bit when I make them. They'll overflow just enough onto the top of the muffin tin to give each muffin a nice thick rim that everyone loves to pull off and eat first. If you bake it just long enough, it will have a slightly crispy edge and a soft and chewy inside. Muffins rule ; ) Enjoy on good health! Missy

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