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The summer is officially here, and with it comes all the fun little extras like barbeques, outdoor pools (if you have access to them) plus plenty of extra heat this week! 

With the temperatures as high as they are this week, there's no better way to keep the heat out of the kitchen, and therefore out of the house, than by cooking on the outdoor grill.

My family has been LOVINGVeggie Patch Ultimate Meatless BurgersVeggie Dogs and Chick’n Cutlets for the past several days, deliciously slathered with my sneaky sauces, including a delicious mayo improvement I make by adding one part of my simple White Bean Puree to one part light mayonnaise, and my eat-it-with-a-spoon Orange Puree to the ketchup. It all takes only a few cool minutes to prepare.

Our family is not the only one enjoying–our neighbors have also been cooking on their grills, and we’re all sharing with each other. It’s really been taking the pressure, and the heat, out of the kitchen activities for all of us.

So grab the grillers and get together with some neighbors for a cool, fun time at the grill!

Enjoy in good health,


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