Dear Sneaky Chef;
I am at a loss……We have recently enrolled our 18-month-old in a
"pre-school" program that requires we pack his lunches.  I have been
a caterer for over 10 years and have no problem designing menus for
any occasion, but when it comes to packing Dominic’s lunches, I am
challenged every day trying to find different and nutritional meals
for him.  Please help! –Lunch-time Blues Mom

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Dear Sneaky Chef,
I have a little different problem. My 2 1/2 yr old son will eat ONLY
baby food veggies. Everytime I try to give him regular SOFT veggies he
cries and refuses to eat anything all together. I’ve tried to puree
my own veggies to try and break this textural problem. Its obviously
because he doesn’t like the textures. Any ideas? I’m so frustrated.
But I don’t want to totally eliminate the baby food veggies for fear
he won’t eat ANY veggies. HELP!

– Frustrated Mom

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From: missy.richa…

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 4:13 PM
Subject: Ask The Sneaky Chef Question

From: missy richar…

Message: our military family readiness group is making a cookbook to
raise funds for our soldiers\’ welcome home party. i was wondering if
you would mind if we included a couple of your free recipies and
listed you as the author/website. a bit of free advertising for
you…but we will also have an ad section if you\’re interested. my
kids LOVE your recipies…

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Dear Ms. Missy,

"For my science fair project, I’m going to do a taste test.  I will make people taste cookies and brownies with vegetables in them.  We are going to tell them that sample b has vegetables in it.  Sample a we are not going to say anything about the vegetables.

How do you get the vegetables in them?

How do you hide the taste of the vegetables?

How do you pick vegetables that will taste good in treats?

How healthy is the brownies and cookies as the brownies and cookies without vegetables?"

from Emma R.

Grade 1

Mom’s Note:  Thanks again for all of your help with this project.  Emma is "too scared" to talk to you on the phone.  So, she wanted to email her questions to you.  As you can see, the questions are in her own voice.  Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you need clarification!

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    From:       catherine
    Subject:     Ask The Sneaky Chef Question
    Date:     September 30, 2008 1:47:09 AM PDT

From: Cathie Barker (in Australia)

Message: Hi Missy,

I love your book How to Cheat on Your Man, both my children, husband
and I love the recipies and I have them all fooled as to what the
ingredients are!

Can you please tell me how your Kid\’s cookbook differs from the
Man’s as it is proving quite hard for me to track down.


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From: kricket
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2008 12:36 PM


Subject: Ask The Sneaky Chef Question

Message: Love your book!   Our family eats a lot of vegetables but I
loved the idea of incorporating even more into our diets–especially
because I love sweets.  I have a toddler that will grow up thinking
that mac & cheese always has an orange puree in it!   Thank you!

My toddler and husband love the chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter
and jelly muffins.   Now that Fall is here I would like to make some
pumpkin muffins/cupcakes–or maybe even a Halloween cupcake. Any 
ideas?  Can I use the PB & J recipe and just substitute the PB for

 How about a cookbook with seasonal recipes? There is so much cooking
and baking happening this time of year.  I would love some healthy

Thanks again for doing such a great thing for us all!


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From: Shelly

Ok I have a 4 year old boy who is the pickest eater on the
planet!! Sense he started eating food I have had the hardest time
getting him to eat anything! He can barely handle any meat without
gagging and throwing it up. He hardly eats at all to tell the truth.
Bananas, Strawberrys, Grapes occasionally. He drinks about a gallon of
milk everyday! I give him a liquid vitamin everyday- which is a giant
struggle because it takes horrid.  He wont do gummy bear vitamins,
chewables, suckers or the like. I have tried it all.  And before you
suggest that he might have something blocking foods in his throat we
have done that test horrible test and drank the nasty chalk mixture.
Please help – Any ideas???? Shelly

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From:   Michelle
Subject: Ask The Sneaky Chef Question
Date: August 18, 2008 7:07:58 PM PDT

From: Michelle

Message: I LOVE your recipes, and I am enjoying adding your purees to
some of my own recipes.

When I make green juice, I use frozen spinach. The problem is, no
matter how long I puree it, it often comes out stringy and thick. Am I
doing something wrong?

Thanks again for your wonderful book that has changed our meal-time


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From: Mylena

I just purchased your book and can’t wait to get to town to
buy everything (I live in a small town and the store is stocked slim).
My question is that my daughter’s iron is low and need some high iron
recipes, can you tell me which ones from the book would be the highest
in iron.



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