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A reader recently asked me, "What does a day in the life of a Sneaky Chef Household look like meal-wise? I would love a daily food log that I could sort of use as a mold to create my own family menus." -Stephanie

I LOVE that question, Stephanie! This is for a typical day in my house - I must admit, a little prep ahead of time goes a long way toward easier weekdays when schedules are busy - not sure if you have my books, but I cook out of all of them....although I end up using my first book a lot (and my newest book, The Speedy Sneaky Chef).

School Day 5-minute Breakfast: Breakfast Ice Cream (from my first book-blue border) - frozen chopped banana/cocoa/avocado//Greek yogurt/touch of honey and milk in mini food processor - puree to "soft serve" consistency; serve in a parfait glass with a little squirt of organic whipped cream for fun!

Lunch box: Quick Fix for Tuna Fish Sandwich (recipe here) - mix chunk light tuna with skinless/boneless sardines and my White Bean Puree/touch of light mayo and a little wheat germ - add chopped celery or dill, if desired; serve on whole grain bread. Carrot sticks/apple or applesauce on side.

After-school snack: Red pepper slices with light ranch dressing/plain nonfat Greek yogurt dip (I try to do less and less Ranch, more and more plain Greek yogurt) or One & Only Guacamole (guac with my Green Puree mixed in - I keep my purees made in baggies in the freezer); they also love the homemade corn chips (just brush corn tortillas with olive oil, salt, cut into triangles, bake for 10-15 minutes on 400 degrees until crisp)
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Dinner: Saucy Turkey Meat Sauce (from my first book - blue border) over whole grain pasta (one of my girls is gluten-free now, so we make 2 kinds of pasta) - served with a romaine salad with olive oil and vinegar (they'll eat it if I call it a "Caesar Salad" and add grated Parmesan)

Dessert: a "sometimes" event - My Say Yes to Sorbet (also book 1) - frozen berries and pom juice in food processor; or an orange or an ice pop from one of my books - sometimes I just pour chocolate coconut water into popsicle molds and freeze - they love this too (so do I - and very few calories)
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The twelve most important foods to buy organic
crop sprayer.jpgSometimes referred to as the “ dirty dozen,” the following fruits and vegetables have been found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program to be the most contaminated with pesticide residues. Therefore, they warrant buying organic whenever possible. You will notice that most items on the list below have either thin skin or no skins, which is the reason they are exposed to more pesticides that we end up ingesting. If you eat these foods on a regular basis, you are exposing yourself to more than twenty different pesticides per day.

If you can’t always buy organic, then be sure to wash your produce with a good fruit/veggie spray - I like Eat Cleaner Wipes & Wash, available here

Here’s the list of the “Dirty Dozen” – they are cataloged from the most to least contaminated:

1 - Apples
2 - Celery
3 - Strawberries
4 - Peaches
5 - Spinach
6 - Nectarines-imported
7 - Grapes-imported
8 - Sweet Bell Peppers
9 - Potatoes
10 - Blueberries-domestic
11 - Lettuce
12 - Kale/Collard Greens

Click for more info on the Dirty Dozen and the Clean List.


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Valentine's Day is a great day to spoil our loved ones...and I love love love making all sorts of Sneaky Chef Breakfast Ice Creams! What a fun way to start your day with lots of giggles when you call your kids down to breakfast and hand them an ice-cream cone -- never mind it's loaded with fiber & antioxidant rich superfruits, avocado & protein-rich yogurt, all they'll know is it's deelish and fun!

ValentineSoftServe smaller.jpgValentine’s Soft Serve
For homemade ice cream in a hurry, whip out your mini food processor. If you use less liquid than you would for a smoothie, you’ll end up with a great soft-serve consistency. Put it in a cone or parfait glass and your kids will be screaming for it in minutes!

Makes 2 servings
1 cup frozen raspberries, no added syrup or sugar
1⁄2 cup strawberry or raspberry yogurt
2 tablespoons ripe avocado
1 to 2 tablespoons sugar
Optional: 2 wafer ice cream cones
Put all ingredients in a food processor and puree on high (add a little more yogurt if needed to make a smooth, thick consistency). Serve in an ice-cream cone or parfait glass. If you desire harder ice cream, freeze for at least 30 minutes.

For more Valentine’s Day ideas, try my new Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter, delicious peanut butter alternative that is so good everyone will love it, allergies or not!

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