Christmas Morning Smoothie

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Christmas Cookies 00243rt.jpgHappy Holidays Sneaky Chefs!
The holidays are one of the best times for food, but also one of the most dangerous for your waist line. That's why I've created some healthier versions of my family's favorite traditional recipes, as well as some new ones too. In this post, you'll find recipes for two of my favorites-- a Christmas Morning Smoothie (a winner with the kids) and Santa's Sugar Cookies (a winner with the kids AND Santa!).

Plus my 5 Tips To Stay Slim This Holiday
1. Plan to indulge, but in moderation. Deprivation can lead to over-indulging.
2. Use a salad plate for your main course, so you'll grab less food.
3. Pop a mint or gum at a party, it will help you avoid snacking.
4. Don't serve "family style," you'll be more likely to go back for seconds!
5. Drink a large glass of water to stay hydrated and eat less.

Happy & Healthy Holidays,

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