Teen Wins Future Chefs Competition with Sneaky Chef Recipe!

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don winner.jpgDear Missy,
Several weeks ago, our son Don decided to enter a Sodexo Future Chefs competition. The competition focused on Middle School children. Each contestant had to prepare a healthy breakfast recipe utilizing some great ingredients: whole grain cereal, low fat cheese, turkey sausage, sweet potatoes, eggs, tortilla, etc. He picked one of the Sneaky Chefs recipes – The Roll Out the Door Omelet from your newest book (our fave so far, by the way), The Speedy Sneaky Chef. It was so great of you to correspond with him via e-mail. Thanks for all your inspiration. I wanted to let you know he WON the competition!!

He will next participate in the Sodexo regional competition using the same Sneaky Chef recipe. I’ve attached a few pictures of the event:.

1. First, he prepared all the ingredients for your Orange Puree.
don w puree.jpg2. Went to school at 5PM to start the cooking competition:.
don omelette.jpg3. The actual competition lasted from 5PM until 8:30PM where he was announced the winner.

It was a great family event. The Sneaky Chef has definitely become a big part of our family meals.

Thanks again,
Don Bryant

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That's amazing Don - Congratulations to him AND you! My kids want to help every now and then in the kitchen, but not much. Our 4-year-old? He plays in the kitchen at preschool every chance he gets. He plays like he's cooking at home sometimes. But even when he helps me cook something, he WON'T even TRY it! lol

90% of his diet is FROZEN chimichanga, bologna sandwhiches, chocolate milk, blue soda and cheese pizza lunchables.

Of course, if we MAKE pizza he won't try it. If we MAKE burritos, he won't try it.

Somehow he's still the healthiest one in our house (I contribute that to nursing, but that's another story!)

Anyways, that's amazing. And congrats to Sneaky Chef for providing the recipe and support that led to it!

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