Sneaky Chef Sample Meal Plan

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A reader recently asked me, "What does a day in the life of a Sneaky Chef Household look like meal-wise? I would love a daily food log that I could sort of use as a mold to create my own family menus." -Stephanie

I LOVE that question, Stephanie! This is for a typical day in my house - I must admit, a little prep ahead of time goes a long way toward easier weekdays when schedules are busy - not sure if you have my books, but I cook out of all of them....although I end up using my first book a lot (and my newest book, The Speedy Sneaky Chef).

School Day 5-minute Breakfast: Breakfast Ice Cream (from my first book-blue border) - frozen chopped banana/cocoa/avocado//Greek yogurt/touch of honey and milk in mini food processor - puree to "soft serve" consistency; serve in a parfait glass with a little squirt of organic whipped cream for fun!

Lunch box: Quick Fix for Tuna Fish Sandwich (recipe here) - mix chunk light tuna with skinless/boneless sardines and my White Bean Puree/touch of light mayo and a little wheat germ - add chopped celery or dill, if desired; serve on whole grain bread. Carrot sticks/apple or applesauce on side.

After-school snack: Red pepper slices with light ranch dressing/plain nonfat Greek yogurt dip (I try to do less and less Ranch, more and more plain Greek yogurt) or One & Only Guacamole (guac with my Green Puree mixed in - I keep my purees made in baggies in the freezer); they also love the homemade corn chips (just brush corn tortillas with olive oil, salt, cut into triangles, bake for 10-15 minutes on 400 degrees until crisp)
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Dinner: Saucy Turkey Meat Sauce (from my first book - blue border) over whole grain pasta (one of my girls is gluten-free now, so we make 2 kinds of pasta) - served with a romaine salad with olive oil and vinegar (they'll eat it if I call it a "Caesar Salad" and add grated Parmesan)

Dessert: a "sometimes" event - My Say Yes to Sorbet (also book 1) - frozen berries and pom juice in food processor; or an orange or an ice pop from one of my books - sometimes I just pour chocolate coconut water into popsicle molds and freeze - they love this too (so do I - and very few calories)
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