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Dear Missy,
I have looked at your new book- it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for years but without the guesswork. So glad your test kitchen has worked out the kinks for me! Between Chanukah and Christmas, I’m hoping that book will find its way to my kitchen counter.

Just so you know, your cookbooks saved us –bridging the time when my twin sons ate literally 5 foods, to this past summer, when they willingly began to eat tossed salads and “normal” food like meatloaf and tacos. They’re still picky, but at least I can finally make one dinner for the whole family.

Can’t wait to tell my colleagues that I won a Sneaky Chef apron...I just brought them a batch of Brownie Cookies (quick fix version) with the surprising recipe!

Happy holidays to you and yours-

Melanie S.

Dear Melanie,

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing this great success story. I'll send out the apron shortly
My best to you and your family for a healthy and happy holiday!


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