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Hi Missy,

I have really enjoyed your books and have tried several recipes which have gone over well at our house.

I am wanting to implement this at every meal but am struggling with setting up an easy grocery list. Do you have an easy way to shop that you could share?

Thanks in advance!

Jessica L.

Hi Jessica!
Thanks for taking the time to write, and I'm so happy to hear my recipes are working well for you!

Below is an exclusive preview – a new master shopping list - from my new book The Speedy Sneaky Chef - 80+ more recipes coming your way this January!

Also, here are some meal planning tips:

Sneaky Chef's Meal Planning Tips:
-try a new fruit or veggie every week

-make meals once, use leftovers in another form next day (e.g., meat sauce one day, cheeseburger stuffed potatoes next day)

-choose one puree a day and make all recipes using that puree

-make several batches of purees ahead – one time a week; store in refrigerator for 3 days or freezer for 3 months

-clean and chop veggies and store in plastic bags for a few days so they are ready to use

You can pre-order my new book here at amazon:

With healthiest regards,


Sneaky—and Snappy—Staples to Keep in the Kitchen (reproduced from The Speedy Sneaky Chef, Jan 2012)
Stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer with the following items and you’ll be ready to cook up any healthy Sneaky Chef recipe, in an instant! Copy this Sneaky Chef Master Shopping List so you always have it in your purse:

• Baby spinach
• Zucchini
• Broccoli
• Sweet potatoes (or yams)
• Cauliflower
• Berries, in season
• Bananas
• Avocados
• Onions
• Russet potatoes
• Lemons

• Beef, lean ground (ideally “grass fed”)
• Turkey, lean ground
• Hot dogs (no nitrates)
• Fish fillets—salmon, tilapia, or flounder (ideally not farm-raised)
• Chicken—skinless, boneless thin sliced breasts and tenders

• Wheat germ, unsweetened
• Oat bran
• Old-fashioned and quick cooking rolled oats
• Shredded Mini-Wheats®
• Whole-grain Cream of Wheat® packets
• Instant oatmeal packets, variety flavor
• Cereal, high-fiber flakes
• Cereal, brown rice
• Flour, whole wheat (stone ground)
• Flour, white (unbleached)
• Pancake mix, whole grain
• Whole-grain “pastry” flour
• Cornmeal
• Flaxseed, ground
• Corn muffin mix, ideally whole grain

• Brown rice
• Macaroni and cheese, boxed (ideally whole grain; without artificial colors)
• Whole-grain pasta, elbows and ziti
• Wonton wrappers
• Lasagna noodles, “no boil”
• Whole grain white rice
• Quinoa

• Bread, whole wheat
• Tortillas, whole wheat
• Tortillas, corn
• Bread crumbs, whole wheat
• Pita bread, whole wheat, pocketless
• Bagels, whole wheat

• Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
• White beans (butter beans, navy, or cannellini)
• Refried beans, low-fat, vegetarian
• Baked beans, vegetarian
• Tomatoes, plum, whole
• Sardines, in water, skinless and boneless
• Tuna, in water (preferably “chunk light”)
• Tomato paste
• Evaporated skim milk
• Tomato soup, ideally low-sodium

• Baby foods—especially sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, zucchini, garden vegetables, prunes, plums, apricots, blueberries, spinach, squash, and broccoli
• Pomegranate juice
• Salsa
• Applesauce
• Ranch dressing (no MSG)
• Ketchup
• Marinara sauce
• Tomato sauce

• Blueberries (without added syrup or sweeteners)
• Strawberries (without added syrup or sweeteners)
• Cherries (without added syrup or sweeteners)
• Green peas, sweet
• Corn, yellow, off cob
• Edamame (soybeans in shell or shelled)
• Frozen pureed butternut squash
• Cauliflower florets
• Broccoli florets
• Onions, chopped

• Almonds, blanched and slivered
• Walnuts
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Canola oil
• Cooking oil, spray

• Cocoa, unsweetened
• Green and herbal teas, decaffeinated

• Chocolate chips, semisweet
• Gelatin, unflavored
• Chocolate syrup
• Whipped cream, spray can
• Frozen yogurt, low-fat

• Yogurt, low fat, plain
• Yogurt, low fat, Greek style
• Cheese, reduced fat, shredded cheddar
• Cheese, reduced fat shredded Mexican blend
• American cheese slices, 2% milk
• cheese, reduced fat shredded Italian blend
• Ricotta cheese, part skim
• Tofu, firm block
• Eggs (with added Omega-3)
• Parmesan cheese,
• Powdered milk, nonfat

• Chicken broth, boxed (no MSG), ideally low-sodium
• Vegetable broth, boxed, (no MSG), ideally low-sodium
• Cinnamon
• Honey
• Pure maple syrup
• Pure vanilla extract
• Baking powder, non-aluminum
• Baking soda
• Powdered sugar
• Brown sugar
• Raw or Turbinado sugar
• Jam, no sugar added
• Lentils (dried or canned)
• Hummus
• Italian seasoning
• Taco seasoning (no MSG)
• Chili powder

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