Summer Break Kick-Off Party!

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It’s that time of year again, when all the kids are finishing up school, the summer is heating up, and the fun begins! So we thought we would throw a party for the kids to kick off the summer and say goodbye to another school year. But we didn’t want to throw a typical, boring pizza party–we thought we’d kick it up a notch with a spread that the kids, and the parents, would really enjoy, while being healthy, too!

The party was all about letting the kids have fun (while saving time for the adults). We started everything off with my kids’ favorite Veggie Patch Mini Corn Dogs. I paired them with sneaky dipping sauces including ranch dressing with hidden plain Greek yogurt (mix up to half Greek yogurt into your ranch dressing to cut calories and increase the calcium & protein) and ketchup with up to 50% hidden orange puree.

The result? Everyone devoured the corn dogs so fast I had to break out the back ups! Fortunately, I also had a stock of Veggie Patch Broccoli Bites with Cheese on hand in the freezer. I warmed them up and had just enough to satisfy everyone. Everything was a hit with both kids and adults.

For dessert we kept it simple with lemon and watermelon ice pops. They were as easy as pureeing some watermelon, squeezing a few lemons with a hint of orange juice, and pouring the fruit into layers in disposable paper cups with a coffee stirrer. Then freeze and voila! A zesty and healthy treat to finish the party with.

Try these delicious, simple and healthy treats for a fun change from the typical pizza party!

Enjoy in good health,


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