Healthy Chocolate Truffle Recipe

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Hi Missy, I love your book and have lost track of how many times I have recommended it. Here is a recipe for "Green Mint Truffles" that I have been passing along and wanted to share with you.  Enjoy and keep passing it along if you like it. It is also gluten free. –Wendy L. 

1 10 oz bag Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Organic peppermint oil extract Simply organic

4-6 scoops Vibrant Health Field of Greens (raw sprouted greens)

Melt the chocolate and let it cool but stay melted.  You do not want to warm the greens. Add several drops of the mint oil and one scoop of the greens at a time, tasting after each addition, adjusting for personal taste.  It will lose a lot of its grittiness as it cools.  Drop into 20 circles on waxed paper.  Wrap in candy wrappers or put in a container to cool.  Try not to do this in front of your kids because I doubt they will be proud of how clever you are.  All the best-Wendy

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