White Bean Flecks?

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Dear Missy,

Thank you for your wonderful book!! I never thought I would get my 9 year old son to eat a vegetable. Now he eats them all the time in his mac n' cheese! 

I have two questions: The first is, my son loves blueberry muffins, but he will only eat the kind I make from a ready made mix, like Martha White. He doesn't like how the blueberries melt in homemade muffins. Is there anything I can sneak into a store bought mix?

My next question is, no matter how much I puree the white beans, my son can still taste the skin from them. I've tried cooking them but it doesn'tt help. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much for all you do!!

Angie A., TN

Dear Angie,

Thanks for writing–It's always nice to hear about another child who is now eating some real nutrition along with his daily favorites!

Regarding the blueberry muffin mix, why don't you start with this basic recipe on the free recipe pages of my website, and then adapt it from there.

Regarding the white bean skin, make sure that they're very well cooked and pureed until completely smooth–no visible skin flecks. Then try upping the amount of spices or condiments that you're adding to mask any remaining flavor. You could also try changing brands of bean that you're using. Altogether, that should do it!

Enjoy in good health : )


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