Purple Puree Recipe Update

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Quick question - book 1 purple puree said to cook spinach - book 2 said to just puree - which is better? obviously faster to not cook but just noticed difference. Thanks! Andrea S.

Dear Andrea,

I updated the recipe after book 1 because the puree was being cooked in the final recipe anyway. There is no need to cook it twice. So go with book 2 : )

Enjoy in good health!


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How do you measure 3 cups of raw baby spinach leaves? My package is 120 grams which I found translated into 1 cup. It was waay too green. I added more blueberries but now looks more brown than purple :-( But tastes ok. Help!

Disregard my last comment/question. I re-googled and found 1 cup = 30 grams. So I have a lot off purple/brown purpee I will freeze! Should I try to fix it?

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