Still Time to Enter!

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I'm so excited to share the first three week's of responses from Veggie Patch's Ultimate Sneak-Away Contest! The contest is almost half way through and we already have nine of the 15 winners. But there are two weeks still to go! It's super easy to enter, just click Here. Every time I look, there are more fantastic recipes freshly uploaded by moms across the country. I can't believe how creative and sneaky you all are!

Recent winners included simple and delicious gluten-free pizza crust, power cupcakes, cauliflower rice and veggie potato pancakes.

You can see why it's so difficult to choose only three Undercover Mothers each week from so many truly great entries and tips. Take a look at the contest entries page and you'll see all of the recipes. So far, six moms have each won a camcorder, Veggie Patch apron, my best selling book and an entire year's supply of Veggie Patch products.

Plus, one of them will win the Grand Prize which includes an exclusive culinary consultation with me at your house, where I'll personally teach you great ways to sneak veggies into meals, snacks and desserts and share advice for how to get your family the nutrition they need with foods that taste great.
I'll also prepare a delicious dinner for your whole family, while you use your $150 SpaFinder gift card to sneak away and indulge at a spa!

So what are you waiting for--Check it out Here!

I can't wait to hear from you all : )

With healthiest regards,


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