Won't Eat Meat

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Dear Missy,

I have a 3 1/2 year old son, who is extremely picky with food. He doesnt eat ANY type of meat!! I substitute his protein intake with cheese and fish. I have tried to puree ground beef but he smells it and gags. I want to improve his doet, by giving him more vegetables. He loves spaghetti and cheese pizza. Please help, getting him to try new foods is such a challenge. Our family has dinner together so how can see eating new foods wonr hurt, but nothigs helps! His pediatrician says just give him time with the meat, but he is beginning to gain weight from all the carbs.  --Gabriela G. 

Dear Gabriela, 

Your son is a perfect candidate for my sneaky recipes! He will get fantastic nutrition from all the hidden vegetables, beans and whole grains that I hide in all of my recipes. You can find aver 100 free recipes with tons of healthy hidden ingredients on the Free Recipe Pages of my website, as well as the Ask The Sneaky Chef Forum. Start with the recipes that he already likes to eat. Then, by the time you get through all of those, he will undoubtedly be in an entirely new phase with foods. I am in agreement with your pediatrician--you can relax : )

Enjoy in good health!


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