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Dear Missy,

I THANK you for the work you do. It has literately changed my life. I create all sorts of purees now and feed a puree-infused meal to my son with almost every meal. I work with low income, black and Latino mothers in my community, and I teach them the Sneaky Chef way. I have moms that have never had a zucchini or cauliflower or spinach before, and some don't even know what they look like, but now they do and they give them to their children. Many mothers have never stepped outside their neighborhood much less into Borders, etc, and some have never even cooked before! Can you imagine the changes in their children's brains now that they have learned and are empowered to cook and feed their children meals with real nutrition?

The health and education disparity of black and Latino children in this country is an American problem. We can not have entire populations of this country destined for failure and expect to thrive as a collective.

I'm out here in the trenches. Inside public housings, in low income communities, etc. Teaching moms about early education (which includes nutrition) and I know most of my moms DO better once they KNOW better.

We have a nation of kids to save. Even if you don't reply I still am so grateful because I honestly use your method in my life and to teach them daily.

Many blessings to all of you (since I know its a team effort).



Dear Nikolai,

What a wonderful and heart warming letter to receive, especially at this time of year. I applaud your community efforts and I am inspired anew to reach out in my own communities. Everyone needs to eat the most nutritious meals that they can, and your letter is testimony to the fact that lower income groups can benefit enormously. 

Thank you for taking the time to write, and I will be happy to support your work in every way that I can, and I will be in touch. 

Warmest wishes for the holidays,


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Hey Missy! I was so excited to have a friend recommend your book on Facebook. I can't wait to see it. I checked out your recipes and beautiful photos on this site.

I am a weight loss coach and help moms in particular, to transition their families eating from the typical American diet to choosing healthier options for the whole family! I would love to do a book review and giveaway on my site Healthy Mom's Kitchen! Let me know if this would be of interest to you.



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