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Dear Missy,

I'm a mother of a very active three year old and I currently work full time.  Needless to say I have very little time on my hands. (My slow cooker is my best friend ) However I really enjoy your recipes and I've found that they dont command alot of extra prepration.

I also appreicate that you included in your book a meal planner.  What a great tool!!  I love your cookbooks but I wanted to ask or make a couple of suggestions.  First have you considered a Sneaky Chef cook book for adults and second a Sneaky Chef slow cooker book.

Thanks again!!


Jess H.
Mother of a VERY active 3 yr old 

Dear Jess,

I'm so glad my books are working for you. It sounds like you could use all the help you can get! 

As for the adult book, I recommend my second book for Men. It has tremendous recipes that are geared toward the adult palate. You can find sample recipes from it on the Free Recipe Pages of my website. 

There are no firm plans for a slow cooker book yet, but I do have several slow cooker recipes sprinkled throughout my books as I know how helpful they can be for busy moms (like you!). 

Enjoy in good health,



I'd like to thank my health food idol, Jane Brody, for including my suggestion in her recent New York Times column "Learning to Love Veggies: Readers Weigh In". 

Ms. Brody opens the follow-up to her original article by saying, "I’m overwhelmed! A recent column asking for suggestions on how to entice Americans to eat more vegetables drew nearly 600 e-mailed responses and a long, long menu of food for thought."

She then goes on to mention some of the best responses, including one of my own favorites: "Missy Chase Lapine, who has won fame as the Sneaky Chef, suggested 'slipping veggies in the meals people already like to eat, like spaghetti and meatballs. Once people realize that the meal they just loved contained spinach, they become more open to trying spinach straight up.'”

Ms. Brody's original article was spurred by a recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report which noted, "that Americans have fallen far short of the goals set a decade ago to increase consumption of vegetables. In 2009, just 26 percent of adults had three or more servings a day (including those who count a tomato slice and a lettuce leaf on a burger as a vegetable serving). That was half the percentage public health officials had hoped for."

There are dozens of wonderful suggestions contained in the article and I encourage anyone wishing to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables–either for themselves or for their kids–to read through it. 

Thank you, Ms. Brody, for continuing to lead Americans towards a healthier way of life!

With healthiest regards,

Missy Chase Lapine
The Sneaky Chef 

Halloween is fast approaching and I'd like to share my great Sneaky Halloween Cupcake Recipe, plus some Sneaky Tips to help families get through this nutritionally challenging holiday. 

-> Don't buy Halloween candy yet–buy it Friday or Saturday–that'll prevent eating it before the 31st. Plus, you can get it on sale! And be sure NOT to buy your kids' favorites.
-> Give kids a good dinner (high protein and fiber) before they go out trick or treating. This will keep them full and prevent overeating candy during the evening. Examples of a good dinner are whole grain pasta with turkey meatballs or meat sauce, or Speedy Stovetop Lasagna loaded with pureed veggies in the sauce.
-> If your kids want to eat candy throughout their time trick or treating, give them a lollipop to suck–this will keep their mouths happy for very few calories (it's a trick I use on myself when I take the kids out, so this mom doesn't nibble too much candy!).
–> Encourage your kids to skip or hop to their next Halloween destination instead of just walking. Not only will they burn at least twice the calories, they'll use up a lot of the excess sugar energy they're eating, and they'll have a lot more fun doing it!
Here's to the best Halloween ever!
With healthiest regards,
(In case you missed it above, here's the link again to my great Sneaky Halloween Cupcake Recipe. Enjoy in good health!)
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Enjoy in good health!

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