School Systems

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Dear Missy,

Have you thought of partnering up with public and private schools.  It would be great if they could start incorporating these foods and meal plans to the kids of this nation.  We are struggling more and more with children becoming obese. Not only is it important for kids to eat better at home but at school as well. The spend 8 hrs or more a day there.  Sometimes eating 3 meals there. –Gloria A.

Dear Gloria,

I certainly have! Many of my recipes are easily scalable for use in large institutions. In fact, we're currently working with the Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian where Sneaky Chef recipes are served to patients and in the staff cafeteria. 

I haven't proactively contacted any school systems about the idea, but I would welcome their inquiries and would love to work with them to introduce these healthy recipes onto their menus.

Thanks for writing!

With healthiest regards,


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