Inspiring Day at CHONY

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CHONY BOY MAY 2010.jpg

Earlier this week I spent a truly remarkable day at the Children's Hospital of New York–Presbyterian  (CHONY). I've been trying to find a way to write about it all week.

I was invited to spend a couple of hours at the integrative therapies program for children with cancer, in order to teach kids about good nutrition. But as often happens with kids, it was the teacher who became the student. I learned more about hope and love, and real joy, on that one day, than I have in my whole life.

There was one six year old boy in particular, Justin (in photo above), who was so happy the whole time, and who was totally eager to dive into everything that was going on around him. The hardship that he was going through was plain to see on his physical body, but this did not dampen his enthusiasm one bit. His spirit was magnificently contagious and everyone was touched by him. I completely fell in love.

I felt compelled to share his joy and carefully picked him up over my head. He loved it. But not as much as I did. This child reminded me how to fully live in each moment, and why it's so important to love freely and completely in every moment that we have. 

I will never forget this day at CHONY, and I dedicate this blog to my wonderful friend Justin.


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