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MyRecipes.com just did a feature story loaded with great recipes. You can find easy and healthy recipes, quick dinner ideas, and kid-friendly meals–approved by kids and moms. 

Here's their first question and my answer:

Q: What is your definition of a healthy recipe for kids?

Sneaky Chef
A recipe is only healthy if you can get kids to eat it! By starting with tried-and-true favorites that kids already love (macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets) and hiding healthy ingredients inside, you're sure to have a winner. This is what differentiates Sneak Chef recipes from the other "healthy" recipes out there.

Q: How do you hide nutrients in kid-friendly recipes?

Sneaky Chef
: I actually have 13Sneaky Chef "methods of disguise;" the most famous of which is to pureesuperfoods–such as carrots, yams, whole grains, beans, broccoli, spinach, and blueberries–and hide them in kids' favorite foods (try my Barbell Burgers or Power Pizza). The other methods include decoys (like a few rainbow sprinkles or chocolate chips) to make foods look totally fun and kid-friendly, plus healthy substitutes for common ingredients.

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