Corn Meal vs Polenta

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Hi Missy,

I would like to make the Crispy No-Fry Fries, but can\'t find cornmeal in my supermarket (I live in Australia), the shop assistant said that it was the same as polenta?  Is that right?  Thanks for you help. By the way, I made your 'Saucy' Meat Sauce tonight and the whole family loved it, my husband said that it was the best bolognaise he had ever eaten!

Dear Julie,

Glad to hear that the Bolognaise got rave reviews : ) And I'm sure you're heading to lots more culinary success with my books!

Corn meal is actually finer than polenta. If you can't find any, you could try grinding polenta in the food processor until it ressembles coarse to fine flour. 

Keep up the great work!

With healthiest regards,


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