Are White Puree & White Bean Puree Interchangeable?

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Hi Mrs.Lapine,

I am 11 years old and I absolutely love your books! When I discovered the sneaky chef in my moms cabinet, I looked in the back of the book and realized that there were more of your books! I was so happy and ordered the other 2 cookbooks. I can't wait to order sneaky fitness. I love to make all of your delicious recipes. the only thing we were wondering is if you can subsitute purees in terms of the white puree and white bean puree. Thanks! Please tell emily and samantha hi for me! Thanks for all your doing! Grace

Dear Grace, 

Emmy and Sammy say "Hi!" right back to you, and hope you enjoy the fitness activities and recipes in the Sneaky Fitness book! I'm thrilled to have young fans like you--not just because kids are the greatest, but also because if you're starting to get "sneaky" now, you're in for a lifetime of good health. 

As for the white out! These two purees are quite different in consistency, and how they cook up. You'd be pretty brave to use them interchangeably. But if you dare, let me know what happens!

Enjoy the next books, and keep up the great cooking!

With healthiest regards,


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