Sneaking Facilitates Teaching

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 I just had to comment on this recent reader story in my blog: 

Lori from Brighton, Colorado, previously wrote me a very moving testimonial about her 2 year-old son being able to grow from the first percentile in weight and height to the 50th percentile in under a year using Sneaky Chef recipes (see "incredibly Moving Story" in "Ask the Sneaky Chef" forum). Now she writes that since her son has seen her making the Purple Puree with spinach in it and he likes that, he'll eat spinach on other foods too, like pizza and ziti!

I have always maintained that sneaking facilitates teaching for lots of reasons, and "transference" is certainly one of them. "Like it here, like it there" is a big part of kids' mentality. Bringing peace back to the table also creates an unpressured learning environment which helps kids learn more easily and normally, too. 

So sneak and teach, everyone : ) 

Enjoy in good health,


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