Decreasing Sugar

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Hey Missy,

Can I tell you that I have been LIVING by your book the last 2 months since hearing about it?! You rock! I especially love the gluten free peanut butter cookies; yum! Anyway, I have been using stevia in place of sugar (I\'m trying a sugar and gluten-free diet to get rid of yeast in the whole body) and trying to reduce my daughter\'s dependence on sugar at an early age so that she doesn\'t have as many problems when she gets older. It has worked for me a couple of times in your recipes but I was wondering if I could rely on your expertise and testing for any recipes (preferably with your gluten-free recipe too)?

Thanks for changing our life Missy!

Nicole (Pennsylvania, mother of 1) 

Dear Nicole,

Your email made my day! I love hearing how sneaky dishes are changing families' lives, and hope fervently that our whole nation will go sneaky--and healthy!

You're well ahead of me with the stevia experiments! Sorry I don't have any specifics for you on this, but sweetness is really a personal matter (shall we say, "a matter of taste"!).

Please accept my heartiest hats off to your culinary achievements!

More importantly, you've got to read the following two studies that just came out last week. The first study shows that kids today spend about 8 hours a day parked in front of some kind of electronic device, like TV, computer, cell phone, etc. The second study shows that only four hours a day of inactivity like this results in an 80% greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease and a 46% higher risk of all causes of death. We've to get our kids moving again!! Please check out my new book, Sneaky Fitness, which solves this very problem. 

Enjoy in good health, and keep up the great work,


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