The Doctors Approve

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Yesterday, celebrity Chris O'Donnel asked the MD's on CBS' "The Doctors" show how to get his kids to eat more veggies, and the prescription is in: Sneak Chef it!

The Doctors recommended three deliciously healthy recipes from The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue: Sneaky Sliders (with hidden spinach, broccoli & peas), Surprise Cheese Fries (with hidden cauliflower & zucchini) & Chocolate Egg Cream (with hidden cherries & strawberries). All recipes are substantially lower in fat and calories while being loaded with great nutrition. It's no wonder the The Doctors recommend them!

Everyone in the audience went home with copy of The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue. This was a glowing endorsement of the Sneaky Chef method. Click here to watch the video, and click here to get the recipes in the book. Enjoy in good health! –Missy

PS: Be sure to check out my yummy holiday recipes in Rescue!

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doctors are very specially nowadays! I belive only in myself!

I think that this information will be useful for students who are studying in medical universities! They will be able to write my research paper on different topics!

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