Internet Radio Available Now!

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Did you know that there is a TON of great Sneaky Chef internet radio available to you right now? 
For example, click Here to get my basics on "veggie camouflage" in the kitchen; Here to hear about my NEW recipes for special occasions & holidays, lower calorie & low-fat meals, and allergy-free recipes; and Here for men’s health issues and how to sneak nutrition into recipes like Legal Donuts, Barbell Burgers and Brawny Brownies - meals the entire family will love!
(PS: Don't forget to check the "Ask the Sneaky Chef" section of this website where I regularly post great recipes in response to reader questions. Most recently: "Manli-cotti," "Slow Cooker Chicken," and Hamburger Stuffed Potatoes. Then keep scrolling down for LOTS more!

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Hi Missy,

I just wanted to say that I love your recipes and books. Every Sunday morning I plan my meals for the week because it is easier for me to know what I have to make from day to day because I work full time as a teacher. My son is not to picky of an eater, but knowing that he is getting all the nutrition he needs through your recipes makes me feel better knowing he is eating right. To date though, his favorite seems to be the Lunch Box Mac and Cheese muffins - all three of his favorites in one package - eggs, cheeses, and noodles! He ate three for lunch on Friday! Thank you for your great recipes!

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