Baby Boomers

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Inquiry: Missy-I love your books.  The recipes taste great and are easy to prepare.  We're Baby Boomers in our 60's.  We need a sneaky book for us since, as we get older, we need even more nutrient-dense foods with fewer calories to compensate for our inability to absorb certain nutrients as we age.  When are you coming out with a book like this?  Hurry!  We need it!  Thanks.  –Linda S.

Dear Linda,

Great to hear from you! I'm glad you've latched onto sneaky chef recipes for all the reasons you stated. Indeed, I feel my recipes are great for every age, for different reasons: we need our kids to start life with the nutrients of fruits and veggies; we need good fuel to get through our exhausting days as adults; and when we're ready to retire, our bodies want just what you've described!

I'll let you know if I can customize a book for baby boomers. Until then, please enjoy the sneaky benefits of all my other recipes! 

With healthiest regards,


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