Sneaky Treats for Back-to-School

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Back-to-school can mean lots of last-minute trips to the store for all kinds of forgotten items. It's just not possible, unless you're Supermom, to plan ahead for everything that's going to be needed until you're in the thick of it. 

In all the rush, thinking about what your child is going to eat for lunch on the first day of school doesn't usually come to mind until the night before, when your child appears in the kitchen holding their lunch box and asking what you're going to give them for lunch tomorrow. 

But when it comes to food, last-minute translates to poorer quality. We reach for quick, processed foods that require minimal prep time on our part. Do your child a favor: plan ahead just a day or two now, and you'll be able to make sure that your child isn't at a nutritional disadvantage on that all-important first day. First impressions are just as important for kids as they are for us, and study after study shows that kids who eat right have more balanced moods and energy, and do better in school as well.

If you put yourself in your child’s shoes, you’ll remember those back to school butterflies. Who will be sitting next to you, how hard are the classes going to be, how do you get everywhere, and most important of all: how do you fit in socially.

As a parent, you can be your child’s invisible guardian angel by making sure they feel good about themselves, with a clear head and high energy. By fueling them up with balanced, long lasting nutrition, instead of heavy foods that will make them sluggish or sugary foods that will burn out too quickly, they will feel at the top of their game, and that can make all the difference.

In the next 30 minutes, you can make a whole week’s worth of Sneaky Chef purees–just steam and puree some veggies, then throw half of it in the fridge and half in the freezer. You’ll have all you need to make any Sneaky Chef recipe every day for a week! 

Download free recipes from this website, or get some Sneaky Chef books from the library or bookstore. They’ll show you the fastest, easiest way to ensure that your child has every advantage right from the start.  

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