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Hi Missy,
I love your books and use them frequently. I was wondering if the
make ahead recipes/purees can be made in a blender instead of a food
processor. My high-speed blender (Vita-mix) is infinitely easier to
use and quicker to clean up than my food processor, (and leaves
absolutely NO telltale lumps - guaranteed!), so I'd rather use my
blender if I can. But if I do the make ahead recipes in the blender
instead of the food processor, I'm not sure if the consistency will
come out right or be too runny. What are your thoughts?


Dear Michele,
You certainly can use a VitaMix. That machine is awesome. There will be only some practical considerations, like the larger size of the jar. I prefer a 3-cup mini processor because I need to add very little water and all of the puree is concentrated together. In a larger jar, you may find that it is spread out on the bottom more and requires more coaxing to get it evenly mixed, etc. Otherwise, the VitaMix really doubles as a processor as well.  

Keep up the great work!



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