Save Money Using Sneaky Chef Recipes!

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Did you know that many Sneaky Chef meals can be made for less than $2 per person?  We’ve been doing some math over here, and we’re excited to share this exciting news with you!!

Families are watching the bottom line more closely than ever, and thanks to recipes from The Sneaky Chef, making healthy meals can result in some hefty savings. 
Check out the money saving ideas below–they’re easy to employ and won’t add to your to-do list. Best yet, they will help keep your family healthy, strong and energized while helping to keep your wallet as thick as possible ; )
• Slip healthy ingredients into foods you know your kids already like, so they’ll clean their plate, meaning you won’t have to toss perfectly good food. And who among us can afford to waste food these days?
• Actually use all of those wonderful fresh veggies instead of having them sit in the refrigerator only to eventually go bad. How often do you buy produce with the best of intentions but it somehow doesn’t get eaten? Using them in The Sneaky Chef make-ahead-purees to freeze for the future will ensure the produce won’t go to waste. (for example, Sneaky Chef’s signature Green Puree uses spinach, broccoli, and frozen peas).
• Try some of The Sneaky Chef vegetarian recipes that kids like. They show you how to properly combine beans (legumes) and whole grains to make an inexpensive, healthier protein, so you can occasionally forego the meat, fish, poultry, which is usually the most expensive part of the meal. Sneaky Chef’s Pasta with Better Butter Sauce (book 3) is a great example, with pureed white beans that no one would ever detect!
• Don’t waste money on sugary, high-carb—and expensive!—snacks. Many of The Sneaky Chef recipes will help your family stay full longer because they are packed with fiber and protein. Sneaky Chef’s Breakfast Cookies (book 1) are loaded with whole grains and fruit to keep kids, and adults, feel satisfied longer. 
• No need to waste ingredients making a different meal for each member of your family. The Sneaky Chef recipes offer a solution for picky eaters, resulting in one meal for the entire family. Check out Sneaky Chef’s Speedy Stovetop Lasagna with 6 hidden veggies plus whole grains!
This is the first in a three part series so stay tuned for more!
With healthiest regards,

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I have seen at Whole Foods before, different colored vegetables.

For example, I have seen purple carrots and purple cauliflower. Can we say purple puree? Imagine make brownies and not only have spinach and blueberries in them, but also carrots and cauliflower hidden as well!!!

I've also seen white carrots which you could also add to the white puree.

Keep an eye out for different color veggies because you can add even more nutrition to the already nutritous foods from the sneaky chef!!

Also when I make myself soup, I add all the purees to them (except for the purple puree). It changes how it looks but not how it tastes. I freeze the purees in ice cube trays and use about 2 cubes per puree.

Thanks Missy for helping our family so much!!!

Is this true? Chef Dishes can create one at home for $ 2 per person? coursework writing

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