Baby Food Substitutes

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Hi Missy,

I am having so much fun with your book!  I\'ve never been much of a cook, but I am really doing well, and it\'s healthy!

I have been using the carrot and sweet potato baby food instead of attempting the actual puree (I\'m new- baby steps!) but I was wondering if it\'s less healthy than making the puree or about the same? Thank you, this has been a life saver for getting my boys (husband and son) to eat better!


Dear Jillian, 

Baby food is a good quick substitute when you're short on time or ingredients, but making the purees from scratch is always preferred nutritionally.It really doesn't take much time and it is so worthwhile. Give it a try : )

Keep up the great work!


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how much of each jar of baby food did you use?

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