Which is Best: Steaming, Boiling or Baking?

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Someone has turned me on to your site recently and upon reading

the recipes for the purees - I noticed particularly the orange puree
the vegetables needed to be boiled.  What if sweet potato and carrots
were roasted or steamed before pureed?  I was under the impression
boiling would take all the nutrients out.  I can\'t wait to receive my
first book (I ordered today)!  Thanks!

Dear Nina,

Believe it or not, steaming and boiling preserve more of the nutritional components than baking. Steaming and boiling temperatures are about 212 degrees, versus 400 or so for baking. Baking tends to concentrate flavors, which is great for eating veggies straight up like many adults do. But for pureeing and hiding, we want the flavor to be as mild as possible. So steaming and boiling work for both taste and preserving nutrition in sneaky recipes. 

Also, if you steam rather than boil, just be aware that you may need to add a bit more liquid, to make a nice smooth puree.

Have fun!


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