Texture Issues

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My 6 yr old son has serious \"texture\" issues with what he eats he likes crunchy things (no fish sticks tried that) he does not like burgers either. Basically eats chicken and pasta! HELP 

Dear Christine,

I'd really like you to try the "crunchy" recipes in my latest book,"The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue." This would include such dishes as:

Grandma Betty's Cornflake and Cheese Pudding (has a crunchy topping)
Lots of cookies recipes (including nutritious breakfast cookies)
Pasta with Better Butter Sauce (not crunchy, just pasta-y!)
Lunch Box Biscuits (crunchy tops)
Portable Pizza Muffins (crusty)
Sneak 'n Slice Pizza Bites
Lunch Box Muffins--Man 'n Cheese Flavor
Honey-Battered Popcorn Shrimp
Surprise Cheese Fries
Mighty Tots
Tater Pups
Pretty Pink Popcorn Balls
Chicken Tenders
and more!

How's that for a start! Good luck!


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