Enterprising Kids

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Here's an entertaining story that only having kids could make possible:

I set out to test some fun new recipes for a project I’m doing with  
Motts applesauce. I baked some “cinnamon apple breakfast cookies”  
since everybody wants more grab ‘n go cookies for the morning.
These were good! Lightly sweetened and slightly crunchy with a sparkle  
of cinnamon sugar on top, and a fresh apple taste from the applesauce  
which I used in place of more than half the oil. I crunched up some  
whole grain cereal flakes for great texture and chew, and voila, a  
yummy new breakfast cookie was born right here in The Sneaky Chef test  
Enter the girls. They came home with friends from school, so I put a  
few cookies out on a plate, then went to run an errand. When I got  
home, they had set up an old-fashioned “lemonade” stand (only using  
applejuice) and set out all the cookies to sell!  So, now, of course,  
I had to buy some of my own cookies back myself–a deal only a kid  
could get away with ; )
Here’s a fun photo of the kids:

motts breakfast cookies 2 web.jpg

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